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music accolades r

Music Accolades

Congratulations to the following music students who passed their external exams. Seen here are Naledi Shabangu who passed her Grade […]

Are you having trouble getting through to Jeppe Girls?

We are having problems with our switchboard and many of our extensions are not working today (15 May 2018). We […]

Class of 2017 Matric Remarks are here

The Class of 2017 Matric Remarks can be collected from Mrs Goldin at the school  between 08:00 and 14:00. We have […]

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Headmistress Ms D Gonçalves
Head’s Secretary Mrs M Lottriet
Deputy Heads Mrs S Bhagwan
Mr A Brijnath
Accounting & EMS Mrs N Muller (Subject Head)
Ms A Jacobs
Mrs S Schroder
Mrs G Turner
Afrikaans Mr D Bloem (HOD)
Mrs S Bhagwan
Mrs H Davey
Mrs E Labuschagne
Mrs P Le Roux
Mrs H Mark
Ms S Nagel
Mrs K Pillay
Ms A Wüst
Music Dr E Kruger (HOD)
Mrs E Conradie
Mr A Pallett
Ms L Venter
Mr B Verity
Visual Art & Design Mrs L Young (Subject Head-Art)
Ms L Eugenio
Mrs V Pearson H
Consumer Studies & Technology Mrs W Watt (HOD)
Mrs B Costine
Mrs N Kara
Ms L Pretorious
Ms K Wenzel
English Ms L Douglas (HOD)
Ms C Barrington
Mr A Brijnath
Miss E Enslin
Ms H Griffiths
Mr S Kentridge
Ms O King
Mrs L Lubbe
Miss M Pugin
Mrs A Viveiros
Geography Mrs E Labuschagne (Subject Head)
Mrs U Bechan
Mrs L Fairbank
Mrs S Magan
History Mrs S Edwards (Subject Head)
Mrs D Gillespie
Mr S Kentridge
Miss P Nkabinde
Mrs J Sewanywa
Life Orientation – Theory Mrs S McBride (HOD)
Mrs S Bhagwan
Life Orientation – Physical Education Mr D Bloem
Mrs B Costine
Ms B Fabricius
Mrs L Fairbank
Life Sciences Mrs M Bosch (HOD)
Miss B Jacobs
Ms C Maughan (HOD Policy & Planning)
Mrs S Magan
Miss P Nkabinde
Mrs S Ruh
Mrs C Wilkins
Mathematics Ms D Goncalves (HOD)
Mrs Y Bloem (HOD GET Phase)
Miss A Braykova
Ms A Deysel
Mrs A Faherty
Miss M McDonald
Mrs Mc Dougall
Ms W Maluleke
Ms A Wüst
Mathematical Literacy Mrs Y Bloem (Subject Head)
Ms T Coppin
Ms W Maluleke
Ms A Wüst
Natural Sciences Mrs M Bosch (HOD)
Miss A Deysel
Miss B Jacobs
Ms P Nkabinde
Mrs S Ruh
Mrs C Wilkins
Physical Sciences Mrs F Newell (HOD)
Ms A Deysel
Mrs S Ruh
Research Techniques Dr L Hallett
Mrs B Costine
Miss A Deysel
Miss L Douglas
Ms S Nagel
Media Centre Miss M Green
Learner Support Services Miss B Mhlungu Counseling Psychologist
Miss M Robinson Educational Psychologist
Ms S Suttner Social Worker
Admissions Mrs K Nagel
Business Manager Mr K Tait
Credit Control Mrs J Ruthven
Eduadmin Mrs S Schroder

Mrs K Nagel

School Fundraiser Mrs S Schroder
Estate Manager Mr E Watt
Finance Officers Mrs V Thomson
Mrs L Guy
IT Support Mr A Katuma
Laboratory Assistant Ms C de Bruin
Public Relations Mrs C Heming
Secretary Mrs B Goldin
Museum & Archives Mrs J le Grange
Sports Mrs B Costine HOD
Athletics Mr D Bloem
Chess Mrs D Gillespie
Cricket Mr D Bloem
Cross Country
Golf Mr D Bloem
Hockey Mr D Bloem
Netball Mrs B Costine
Orienteering Mrs S Edwards
Soccer Mr D Bloem
Swimming Mrs S McBride
Tennis Miss O King
Volleyball Miss C Maughan
Cultural Miss M Pugin HOD
Debating Miss H Griffiths
Public Speaking Miss L Douglas
Choir Mr J Bester
First Aid Miss K Wenzel
Hlabelela Miss P Nkabinde
Mamela Miss P Nkabinde
Marimba Beat Miss L Venter
Orchestra Dr Kruger
 General Assistants
 Mr J Daluka
 Mr D Hlongwane
 Mr A Kekana
 Mr N Lembede
 Mr W Magwala
 Ms M Malevu
 Ms P Mchunu
 Mr A Mmatlwa
 Mr P Moja
 Miss T Ndhlela
 Mr E Netshilata
 MR S Netshilata
 Mr S Sigenu
 Ms E Thabete