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Jeppe High School for Girls proudly presents “Listen”

An original musical theatre piece and whole school collaboration. May 12-13, 19-20. Tickets will be on sale from 18th April every […]


March 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2017


Central Gauteng Cricket Champions

Jeppe Girls are the Central Gauteng cricket champions for the third year in a row. They played a combined Soweto schools […]

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s the world continually shifts, posing new questions daily about human experience and ethics, it is often challenging to decide where to stand as society confronts increasingly complex issues. For the speakers of the Jeppe Girls’ Debating team, it these very issues that must be probed, researched and argued convincingly about over the course of the year.

Speaking skills are developed and honed in practise sessions and the friendly ongoing rivalry with the Jeppe Boys’ team allows both junior and senior speakers to practise their speaking in a series of friendly, but often hotly contested, debates.

The 2015 SACEE team progressed through to provincial level trials with precise, well-analysed argumentation and clever strategising. The team encountered a variety of challenging topics, including whether or not Southern Africa should be established as a free-trade zone as well as issues around climate change and organ donation.

The Interhouse Debating competition saw many passionate speakers represent their houses in the third term.

According to Margaret Heffernan, “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate”. The Jeppe Girls’ Debating team embodies this philosophy, and we look forward to continued Debating growth and talent.

Office bearers for 2015 were Captain – Azminah Jhetam and Vice-Captain Melisa Mpoyi

The following girls were recognised during 2015 for their contribution to debating:

Full Colours: Azminah Jhetam

Half Colours: Melisa Mpoyi

Merit:Mariam Diallo, Woniso Mazonde, Maryam Laher, Sumaiya Shaik and Rethabile Maboko

Team: Azminah Jhetam and Melisa Mpoyi

Office Bearers for 2016:

Captain – Woniso Mazonde and Vice –captains – Sumaiya Shaik and Maryam Laher