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Music Accolades

Congratulations to the following music students who passed their external exams. Seen here are Naledi Shabangu who passed her Grade […]

Are you having trouble getting through to Jeppe Girls?

We are having problems with our switchboard and many of our extensions are not working today (15 May 2018). We […]

Class of 2017 Matric Remarks are here

The Class of 2017 Matric Remarks can be collected from¬†Mrs Goldin at the school ¬†between 08:00 and 14:00. We have […]

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Nicole Rows in Jeppe colours


On 3 February, Nicole Baxter in Grade 11, was making history. Nicole rows for the VLC Rowing Club as a junior. Instead of dressing up in her club colours for this regatta she felt that since this year marks the start of the Jeppe Girls’ centenary celebrations, that it would be fitting to pay tribute to the Jeppe girls who once participated in the sport she has come to love. She would row in the BLACK AND WHITE colours!
Anja Kuiken, Matric 2001, made this possible for Nicole by allowing her to wear the very tri suit that Anja wore. Nicole very proudly did so at the annual John Waugh Rock the Boat Regatta at Roodeplaat and did not hesitate to explain this to any and everyone where this special tri suit came from. This was the first time this regatta had a category for Old Girls. So…Rowing Old Girls, this is a challenge for you to put a crew on the water next year and perhaps you can row with Nicole in her Matric year in 2019, the culmination of the centenary celebrations.